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British House Wives - Wife Lisa Gets Gang Fucked

Wife Lisa Gets Gang Fucked

Fuckable Lisa's Sex Video - Click Here

We get to see lots of hot British house wives on this site but I'm sure you'll agree that Lisa is just about the most fuckable young wife we've ever featured. She has a really filthy look in her eyes that just screams sex appeal. You only have to catch that glint in her eye to know that she is going to be really fucking dirty in bed - or in this case all over the house!

Wife Lisa Gets Gang Fucked

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In this video Lisa gets gang fucked at a bukkake party that turned into a full-on gang bang. "It was supposed to be just blow-jobs and some messy facials," says Lisa, "but I got a bit carried away and started letting the guys finger me. Then one guy positioned himself between my legs and started to push his cock inside me. I had no idea who he was but I was too far gone to complain and I let him fuck me until he was about to cum. He then pulled out and came on my face. By the time he had finished pumping his spunk onto me there was another guy fucking my pussy. This went on for ages with loads of guys fucking me then spunking on my face. I felt like such a dirty whore but it was one of the most amazing nights of my life."

Well Lisa, you are a dirty whore, but we love you. Next time you're having a party don't forget to give us a call!

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UK Amateur Wives - Abi Gets Her Pussy Drilled

Abi Gets Her Pussy Drilled

Abi's Home Movie - Click Here

This is the latest video to be added to our collection of UK amateur wives and it features the very sexy Abi getting her pussy drilled hard by husband Nick. Abi and Nick are swingers who love swapping partners and attending sex parties. "We are both highly sexed," says Abi. "We also like variety and that's why we love doing things like making videos and going to parties. At the last party we went to I had about five guys fuck me one after the other, each one filling my pussy with a load of cum. I could hardly walk for days afterwards but it was worth it, I had more orgasms that night than I've ever had in my life!"

Abi Gets Her Pussy Drilled

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This video of Abi and Nick is one of the hottest amateur wife sex videos we have seen in ages and I know we are going to get a lot of emails from very happy guys after you have watched this one. I'm sure you will agree that Abi is one very sexy lady and if I ever get invited to any of these parties you can rest assured I will be making a bee line for that sweet young pussy - even if I do have to settle for sloppy seconds!

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UK Housewives - Brunette Jemma Strips Naked

Brunette Jemma Strips Naked

Housewife Jemma Strips - Click Here

You can't beat genuine amateur videos of hot UK housewives getting naked... and today's video of sexy brunette Jemma stripping off in her bedroom is no exception. The video was taken by Jemma's husband Neil and it shows Jemma posing and looking incredibly sexy in lacy underwear and stockings. She really is one of the most fuckable young wives we've featured on here for ages and I know you guys are going to be wanking over this video for weeks...

Brunette Jemma Strips Naked

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"I love to do sexy striptease routines for Neil," says Jemma, "it makes me so horny when I see a big bulge in his pants and I know that I'm turning him on. Making this video takes it a step further, I keep thinking about all the guys out there with hard cocks watching my video and I end up with damp knickers every time! Next time I might use my vibrator and make a really dirty video of it - that's if you want me to?"

Well, of course we do Jemma! I can safely say we'd love to watch you popping a vibrator between your slippery cunt lips and fucking yourself like crazy. Just make sure you let us know when you've made it!

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Dirty British Wives - Hot Wife Louise Gets Naked

Hot Wife Louise Gets Naked

Xmas Striptease - Click Here

I know you guys love to watch dirty British wives stripping off for the camera so I'm sure you are going to love this video. The video was made last Christmas Eve and it shows hot British wife Louise getting naked in a sexy striptease in front of the Christmas tree. Now that's one present I wouldn't mind getting on Christmas morning!

Hot Wife Louise Gets Naked

Louise Gets Naked - Click Here

"It was quite late on Christmas Eve and we were both a bit tipsy," says Louise. "We decided to open a couple of early presents. I gave my hubby the camcorder I had bought for him and he gave me some sexy undies. Well, it didn't take long before we were combining the two presents to make our own sexy movie. We had a right giggle and I hope your readers love watching the video as much as we loved making it!"

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British Amateur Sex - Blonde Barbie Fucked Hard

Blonde Barbie Fucked Hard

Housewife Barbie Fucked - Click Here

Today we have another video to add to our collection of British amateur sex videos. This one features sexy blonde housewife Barbie being fucked hard in her very first porn video. Barbie wrote an email to a well known amateur British porn site saying she wanted to make a video as a surprise for her husband. The guys who run the site were more than happy to oblige and a few days later they turned up at her house with a camera...

Blonde Barbie Fucked Hard

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"I was really excited about making a porn video," says Barbie, "my husband has always wanted to watch me being fucked by another guy so this was the perfect present for him. I haven't actually shown it to him yet but I know that I'll get the fucking of my life when he does watch it. Having a stranger turn up on my doorstep with his camera to film me having sex was a crazy experience but I absolutely loved it - as you will see when you watch the video!"

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Amateur British Sex - Paris & Donna Suck Three Guys

Paris & Donna Suck Three Guys

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This amateur British sex video shows two sluts, Paris and Donna, sucking off three guys at a party. The girls are already stripped to their knickers after playing a strip drinking game involving a deck of cards and a bottle of vodka. The guys are soon naked too and they egg the girls on to give a cock sucking demonstration for the camera.

Paris, the girl with the braids and tongue piercing, takes the lead and starts to lick the tip of one guy's hard cock. She runs her tongue all around his shiny purple head and gets a big cheer from the watching crowd. She then takes his length deep into her mouth and starts to suck him off - bobbing her head up and down over his dick.

Paris & Donna Suck Three Guys

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Not to be outdone, Donna goes up to two other guys and takes one cock in each hand. She drops to her knees and takes turns sucking them both off. As she sucks one guy, she wanks the other then switches round until they are both ready to cum. At this point the three guys get the girls side by side and all three wank their cocks over the two girls' faces, completely covering them in thick white cum!

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